Sunday, May 16, 2010


To all the readers of this blog. I want to thank you for your encouragement and support you have shown me. I certainly found out through this blog that there is a silent majority out there that wants honesty, integrity, and transparency in government just like me. Not just in local government but at all levels in this great country of ours.

I have a family situation that is going to take priority over this blog. For those of you who known my family, you know why without me going into detail.

I will no longer be able to devote the time it takes to go to the commissioner meeting, etc and then write this blog.  I expect that some, not all of the city officals will be delighted when they realize I am not attending the meetings anymore. This will be my last post for a long time.

I hope that all of you continue to speak out and perhaps even attend a commissioner meeting just to see what goes on. If you don’t speak out they will be deciding part of your future as a Citizen of Paris without any input from YOU !

Still a concerned citizen
John Marshall

Thursday, May 6, 2010

04/27/2010 Commissioners Meeting

The first item on the agenda was a presentation on Paris website update from Mr. Dryden. He is the computer expert and webmaster for the City of Paris.

This was a pleasant surprise to me, since I did present a letter to City Officials back in September 2009 asking them to update their website. Here is a link to my letter if you want to read it

Mr. Dryden was having difficulty with the computer he was using to show the new website design for to the commissioners so I didn’t get to see much of the new design.
What I really like is the fact that City Officials are actually going to add a lot of items I requested such as the Budget. For now the new website is still work in progress, but at least I know they are listening to the public now. I’ll write more on this as the city officials release the information.

Next item was Public Comment. The first to speak was Mrs Marcum about Blighted Property Ordinance. She ask the commission for an update. She stated that the house next door to her at 161 Woodmont Drive was in terrible shape. She wanted the city to enforce the ordinance. Apparently this has been going on for several years for her. City Officials assured her something will get done this time. I wish her GOOD LUCK with that answer from the city.

I spoke next on weed/grass ordinance and dirt bikes, 4-wheelers. I had to remind them again that as of the date of this meeting, no grass/weeds had been cut on vacant properties in our neighbor this season at all. The ordinance states 10inch height and most are already 20inch plus around my house. The city manager stated he had not sent a letter to the property owners about the new 10inch height in the ordinance. That letter was suppose to be sent at least 2 months ago.

Another example of excuses instead of action from City Manager Nagy. Mayor Thornton told Nagy to get the letters sent and send him a copy showing it was done. I told all city officials, they had their new ordinance, don’t give me excuses just enforce it! The mayor was visibly upset at the city manger for dragging his feet on this one.
The other problem that started this spring on the vacant lots around my house has been dirt bike and 4 wheeler riding. Captain Elkins of the Paris Police Department was going to help on this issue. The riding has slowed down now, and I did see Police Officers talking to the riders one evening after the commissioner meeting.

Next item on the agenda was new business. The City manager said that a lease agreement with P.A.W.S. had never been signed for the Dog Park on Ford Mill Rd. He stated the Dog Park is a success story for the city but the city attorney advised the lease needs to be signed. Details of the agreement have not yet been worked out it was stated. Apparently the city presently has a request to make a section of the park just for small dogs. It was stated nothing could be done about the request until a lease is signed. City Manager Nagy told the commission he would present the lease agreement for their approval when the details are worked out.

Another item under new business was the purchase of a Used 2007 Electric Distribution Work Truck. Mr. Nagy stated “that the electric department employees had looked the truck over already” He further stated ‘it nicely meets our needs as the old existing truck no longer does for the upkeep of electric wires, sub-stations and responding to calls.” Mr Nagy stated “the purchase price was 24,000. And he wanted to pay cash.” It was not stated if this was already in the budget or something that just came up? A vote was taken and all city commissioners and the mayor voted yes to purchase the truck.

Mr. Nagy also gave the commission an update on the two job position the city was advertising for. He stated “he had good responses for both positions.” He expected to interview in May and hopefully have the positions filled by June.

Until next time,

Saturday, April 24, 2010

04/13/2010 Commissioners Meeting

I apologize to my readers for not posting this sooner, but my wife has been seriously ill and she is my 1st. Priority.
I finally got a cd recording and listened to the commissioners meeting of 4/13/2010. The following is what went on. Commissioner Fryman was absent but all others were present. This was the last meeting for assistant city manager Matt Belcher, but it sounds like he is going to contract his services back to the City on an as needed basis?

Most of the meeting was centered around Cable TV Franchise for the City of Paris.  The city wanted cable tv and high speed internet extended to the Business Park on Georgetown Road , Houston Oaks Subdivision, and any other areas within the city limits that wasn’t served now.

Time Warner representative Mrs. Deaton, gave a presentation to city officials explaining Time Warner position on these items. She noted the contract with the city expired December 31-2009. Mrs Deaton stated that roughly it would cost 60 to 70 thousand dollars to build cable to the business park. She explained that they would have to take a survey from the businesses in the area to see what their needs were first. If their needs didn’t meet Time Warners business model on [return on investment] they would not be able to provide service.

Next Mrs Deaton stated it would cost about 94 thousand dollars to build cable to the Houston Oaks area. Again she indicated if Houston Oaks needs didn’t meet Time Warners business model on [return on investment] they would not be able to provide service to this area either.

Mayor Thornton stated he didn’t look at it as just an investment in a geographic area of Paris, [talking about Time Warners return on investment model] but it should be an investment of the entire City of Paris. Mayor Thornton stated “he thought it was very crucial that services were provided to these areas.”

Commissioner Horne said he disagreed with Time Warners business philosophy. “He said he wanted to see aggressive action taken toward our community”.

It was also stated that channel 6 is the Community Channel that all of Paris could use. It was suggested that commission meetings, court session, high school ball games, all could be filmed and then shown on tv. The big kicker there would be getting enough people in the community involved to do it.

Next item was Communications. The Mayor and City Commissioners gave the ok to advertise two new jobs for the City of Paris. One position is for a Chief Finance/Utilities Official. The other is for a Human Resources Insurance Generalist. If you are looking for work, this might be one of those good jobs that our tax dollars pay for.

Next on the consent agenda the Little League baseball Parade is slated for May 8th.

Next item was the Landfill Contract Extension with Central Ky Landfill. City Manager Nagy stated ‘that the language had finally arrived at a satisfactory set of terms for the City and Central Ky to extend the contract for another year.” He stated that “Central Ky Landfill would provide the city with some additional containers with no extra cost to the City.” The Mayor and City Commissioners all voted yes to extend the contract for one year.

This meeting was rather short compared to others in the past. It was only one hour long? Maybe because I wasn’t their to ask questions? JUST KIDDING!
I was hoping this new weed/grass ordinance would help the situation around my house, but the weeds and grass are taller than the 10 inch maximum height stated in the ordinance at the writing of this post. I recall the mayor telling code enforcement people to make sure this gets enforced this year.

I didn’t want to fight with it this year again, but it better get mowed soon or else I will be on the door steps of City Hall asking why not.

Until next time,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Missed Commisioner Meeting

I know it has been awhile since my last post for those of you that read my blog. I had every intention of attending the 4/13/10 commissioner meeting but family sickness prevented it. My wife was in the hospital again.
I am going to request a recording of the meeting from the City Clerk. After reviewing it, I will make a post on my blog about the commissioner meeting.

Until next time,